February 27, 2016

KNOW YOUR BODY – Labor Preparation Class

Empowering Childbirth Series

Join us for an in-depth comprehensive series focused on empowering you through knowledge as you prepare for the labor and birth of your precious baby. Our series is broken up into separate segments which can be taken individually but the greatest benefit comes from taking the entire series.

Know Your Body: Labor Preparation Class

Labor is often thought of as a marathon and as any person who has done any type of sport knows you must prepare your body beforehand. This class will help prepare you, your body and your baby for this exciting journey you are both about to take.

Topics include:Labor and Birth Class

  • Nutrition
  • Battling pregnancy discomforts
  • How the position of your baby can affect your labor
  • How to tell where your baby is positioned
  • Techniques to help encourage your baby into an optimum position

Fee: $40.00 for mom and 1 support person
Note: There is a the 10% discount if all segments are taken


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