July 24, 2017


Birth – More Than Just a Healthy Mom and Baby

The person who says “at least we have a healthy mom and baby” is meaning to bring comfort but, in reality, it speaks something very different. Of course, we all care that mother and baby are healthy, but that is only the foundation…

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How to Write a Birth Plan

Need help on how to write a birth plan? It’s an important document that is drafted by the expecting parents about how they plan on having their birth go. But, the thing is birth often doesn’t follow our plans, so it is good to look at all possible outcomes and our preferences if things shouldn’t follow our perfect plan.

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Labor Stress & Adrenaline in Labor

So you are laboring at home and things are progressing well; contractions are 3-4 minutes apart and you head to the hospital. You are monitored for 20 minutes and only have two contractions and they aren’t as intense as they were at home. What happened? Were you imagining it?

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Fear and Anxiety in Giving Birth

Did you know that fear and anxiety can affect labor? When we are afraid our body tenses up and releases adrenaline. Let’s talk about each of these effects. One of our first reactions, when we are afraid, is to tense up…

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The Start of a Passion – Becoming a Doula

One question people I hear quite often is why I became a doula and a childbirth educator. I love answering it because it encompasses my whole philosophy of birth. It started during my pregnancy with my first child…

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