February 17, 2016


Tammy with Mother’s Heart Birthing Services is offering classes for women during their pregnancy and postpartum time. Join us and become empowered as you get to know your body, your choices and your baby!


#1 Empowered Childbirth Series

Join us for an in-depth comprehensive series focused on empowering you as you prepare for the birth of your precious baby.  Our series is broken up into separate segments which can be taken individually, but the greatest benefit comes from taking all three.   Bringing your partner or a support person during class is highly encouraged but not required.

#2 Comfort Measures

If you are just looking for a refresher of hands-on pain management techniques, or wish to supplement other birthing classes taken, join us in the last day of the birthing class as we explore comfort measures used in labor. Techniques taught include relaxation, breathing, attention focusing, visualization, rebozo and more!

#3 Private Classes

We offer private classes for those who are unable to attend our group classes due to conflict of scheduling, health or timing issues. We will come to you or arrange the private class at one of our other class locations and dedicate three hours just to you. You get to pick a few topics you’d like to focus on during the three hours. We always end our time with hands-on comfort measure techniques and optimal baby positioning exercises.

“Para opciones de clases en español, porfavor contactame!”

Event Calendar

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