February 27, 2016

Empowering Natural Childbirth Series

This unique natural childbirth series, taught by a Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator, focuses on natural birth while providing evidence-based facts regarding interventions and pain control so that you, and your partner, can make the best decisions for your labor no matter what comes up.

Three different classes are available: 

Prepare Your Body for Labor

This class focuses on physical preparation for labor

Prepare your body for labor by learning how to have a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, optimal fetal positioning and tackling those pesky pregnancy discomforts! This three hours class teaches you how to identify your baby’s position and techniques to position the baby for labor.

Natural Childbirth Class

An in-depth look at labor, interventions and comfort measures

We will cover what you need to know for labor in this four week class.  Topics include everything from the basic physiology of labor to information on what to expect in both hospital and home birth settings.  We will talk about your options in the hospital for interventions, and when they may be medically indicated. Our last class focuses on hands-on childbirth comfort measure techniques including relaxation, breathing, attention focusing, visualization, rebozo and more!

Baby Care Basics

Birth is only the beginning of the incredible journey of parenthood.  Learn how to take care of that little bundle of joy with this class.

This two part class will help you feel prepared to care for you newborn.  We’ll talk about what you can to do assure a successful breastfeeding relationship, what you can expect in the hospital, immunizations, diapering, bathing and calming techniques.

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