February 22, 2016

Meet Your Birthing Instructor

Tammy, your birthing instructor

Tammy Villavicencio

Certified Doula & Birthing Instructor

Tammy is a birthing instructor and birth doula certified by the Global Childbirth Educator Network (GCEN). Originally from Michigan she spent eleven years in Mexico working with a non-profit helping build homes for the poor, teaching children and adults and serving with various humanitarian and religious groups.  Her passion for education and supporting women came from seeing women birthing in less than perfect situations.  In 2013, after taking her required studies with GCEN, she joined up with the only midwife and childbirth educator in the town and acted as a doula, translator, instructor, and to some women the only support they had during the most amazing time in their lives. Her dedication to helping women become aware of how their body works, what to expect, and their options for labor and delivery helped them have what would have been a scary time turn into something magical. She recently moved back to her home town, Williamston, with her husband and two children and is excited to serve women in the area.

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